Using Fake Diplomas to Replace a Lost One

Often when we graduate, our diploma is seen as a prized procession and very well it should be because a lot of hard work and dedication often goes into earning one. Yet as times passes, the diploma can loose it's luster getting placed in boxes, shoved in closets and forgotten about. Years later when a job asks somebody for a copy of their diploma or their reminded of their past, they find the diplomas has been lost or misplaced. Although some schools make the process of replacing a diploma easier than others, for a lost of people, fake diplomas are a valuable solution. Still with so many solutions out there as far as novelty diploma providers, knowing how to get started and what to expect, can be challenging.

Differences Between a Fake Diploma and School Issued Replacement

Since a real diploma is issued by a school, it can often be verified if somebody wants to check it's authenticity. In the case of a fake diploma, although they can be purchased for a variety of reasons, they are purely novelty documents. The documents sold do look and feel legitimate to the touch but the are not official degrees that are issued by an educational institutes because the companies who offer them are not actual educational institutes.

Still, nobody would want such an item if it did not look legitimate at least on the surface. For this reason, sites like Diploma Company UK create diplomas that recreate the actual layout and structure of the real diploma. This includes matching the placement of the school seal, the signature count, proper text, proper language placement and more. For most people, they will see a high quality fake and most likely will never even question it's authenticity.

Due to it's realism, many former students find that fake diplomas are just fine as replacements for lost diplomas from their school. Others justify the purchase even more by realizing it is only needed for a temporary amount of time. Because some schools can take upwards of six to eight weeks to reprint lost diplomas, the idea of an overnight rushed fake diploma from an internet site, is a dream come true.

So most people don't know a fake diploma or real one as a replacement?

The short answer is "no, they don't." Take for example, Emma Hyde from Normanby who started working for a design firm last spring. At the time of her hire, her boss requested that she display her diploma on her office wall because it gave clients a sense of confidence when doing business with the firm. In fact, all employees had done this and Emma agreed it was a good idea. The only issue was, her diploma which was from a private school in Cambridge was shut down about five years prior. This would not have been an issue had she still had her diploma but it was damaged in a storm which flooded her mum's basement. Knowing that the school was no long around to provide a replacement, she considered the option of using a fake diploma service instead. Yet, Emma had some reservations because a coworker of hers had graduated form the same school and was sure if clients saw his diploma first, and then her's, they would question the authenticity of the replacement and whether Emma had actually graduated school.

Still, she called Diploma Company one day and took a chance on them. From the sample the staff sent, it reminded her a lot of the diploma she once had and the diploma her coworker had at office. Yet, she knew a sample could only help so much and she anticipated seeing the real thing when it arrived in the mail. The day that it did, she was pleased at how authentic it looked at first glance yet the real test would come at work.

Emma hung the diploma up at work. To this day, none of her clients have questioned it's authenticity. They all think it's a legit replacement diploma like any school would issue. And what does her coworker think? Well, he's actually walked by her desk a few times and once even commented on how they both attended the same college. Emma was pleased with the final product that was produced by the website and shipped to her home so fast.

What Types of Diplomas Can Be Replaced With Fake Ones?

Most suppliers offer a wide variety of novelty degree option including secondary school and college diploma choices. Within the college section, you even have various college degrees that can be offered. Not to mention honours degree and foundation degrees options also. No matter what type of diploma is being asked for, the same rules apply as far as using the proper type of paper, high quality inks and sticking the layout rules such as seal placement, proper text and more.