Fake Diplomas in Movies! How Degree Props Change Scenes!

Often fake diplomas are viewed in a negative light and this is because many people misuse them. The vast majority of these documents are sold with the intended use of fooling friends or temporarily replacing a lost document until a replacement arrives . Still when people use them for employment gains or jobs, it creates tension among those that believe such a product is always use illegally when that is hardy the case.

Such is the case with movies and tv shows, where fake diplomas are used as they intended to be true entertainment value.

Why Are Fake Diplomas Used as Film Props in Movies and TV Shows?

Often when we watch a movie, it's important that we think what we are watching is real. If are being told that we are at a doctor's office, we want to see things that remind us of a doctor's office including actual doctors, medical equipment and even medical diplomas hanging on the wall.

The same rules apply for other scenes in movies or tv shows, such as a film about a new graduate holding their diploma. The fact that we see what looks like a real diploma up close, the more we believe that a graduation has actually taken place allowing the film to expand our reality.

Take for consideration, a movie called "Herbie Fully Loaded" that came out in 2005. In this movie, Maggie played by Lindsey Lohan graduates from school and her dad hangs her diploma up on the wall. The fact is, the name of the school printed on the diploma seen in the movie is not an actual school. That school was made up by the movie makers for the purpose of the scene. They knew the diploma had to look real if people would believe Maggie actually graduated from school. So they printed the fake diploma on nice paper, added a gold seal, some signatures, etc. The final document helped sell the scene to fans of the movie and is just one example of diplomas being used as movie and film props.

Other examples of diplomas used as movie props

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Sometimes a fake diploma can even be seen in cartoons. Take for example, a 1993 episode of the hit tv series "The Simpsons" titled "Homer Goes to College". In it, Homer get accepted into the fictional Springfield University. When he is first told that he was accepted into school, he celebrates by burning his old lesser high school diploma announcing that he no longer needs it because he's going to get something better (ie: a college diploma).

And sometimes the diplomas we see in movies are not up close, meaning we don't spot details such as a school name or seal or even signatures. Case in point, a scene where gradates walk across the stage to pick up their diplomas but the diplomas are nothing more than simple rolled up pieces of paper with a ribbon around them.

Where can I get a fake diploma as real as the prop in some movies?

So maybe you aren't a movie maker and have no plans on using a fake diploma but your next film project, but there are many reasons why people buy them. Whether it's as an boost to your self confidence, a special gift, a motivation tool, or something else, the novelty degree needs to look realistic whether you're fooling a tv audience or a best friend.

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